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AdminStudio MSIX Editor Beta Program

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Have you gotten your hands dirty with MSIX yet? Are you already converting, troubleshooting, customizing and possibly even deploying MSIX packages in your environment? If you are, or plan to soon, you are just the kind of early adopter we'd love to have join our AdminStudio MSIX Editor Beta Program. 

MSI and MSIX are very different and so we are building a new editor accordingly. We'd love to get your feedback along the way. 

  • We will ask for your feedback on concepts and mock-ups prior to development
  • We will share pre-release versions of the editor for your feedback
  • We will discuss any enhancement requests you may have to improve upon it
  • We will address any issues you may identify prior to release

This is a chance to help steer the development of a tool that may soon become one that you use regularly!

UPDATE: Beta access requests are now closed. Please look for a production release of our new MSIX Editor later this year!

Director, Product Management Charlotte, NC