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Hi all,Once the user specified the install location (INSTALLDIR) I want to know if that location already exists or not.But once the user specifies the location in 'Specify Destination Location'  dialog, and before I get a chance to check if it exists...
Hi,Say user specified c:\app\foo\bar as the INSTALLDIR to install the product.In InstallScript, how do I extract c:\app from this ?thanks.
Hi,currently Installshield is not able to load 64bit dll with UseDll or otherwise.InstallShield 2024 R1 is out. Will it be able to load 64bit dll?some threads in the past seems to have mentioned that it will be possible in IS 2024. Kindly confirm.htt...
Hi all,I am trying to use MessageBox in InstallScript to display a number type value but is giving me error:C8038: numeric value required. Kindly advise what I am doing wrong. Below is the code:NUMBER iCount;MessageBox("iCount: " + iCount, INFORMATIO...
Hi all,I want to launch an exe and looked at the documentation of LaunchApplication.Seems the return value of LaunchApplication is whether the application was launched successfully or not.How can I get what the return value of what the application th...
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