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just wondered if it is possible to use more than one progressbar in SetupProgress Dialog ?if so - how can i subscribe one custom action to the 2nd progressbar without moving the 1st?mary
hi,i need a quick hint:how can i delete a specific entry (with set a specific ActionProperty and NOT ProductCode) from the upgrade table via script?I am sure it's something like m_UpgradeTableEntries.Delete any ideas?my script looks likeSet oProject ...
how would you deal with installations to folders which already exist?i have following situation:in our setup it is possible to install database and files on the same machine or database on server1 and files on server2 (... you are encouraged to do so...
Hi,used my vbscript since IS2009 but now i am experiencing some problems in Is2011 script looks like this:Set oProject = CreateObject("ISWiAuto17.ISWiProject")oProject.OpenProject "D:\IS2011 Projects\Test\Test.ism"oProject.ISWiProductConfigs("P...
Hi there,i've got something weird i think - my function (see below) checks on compressed files - well it did until i migrated to is2011:in is2010 my function returns - if a file really is NOT compressed - an iAttributes value 32in is2011 the same fun...
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