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Happy 2023, Data Platform customers!


We’re excited to announce the immediate availability of the latest patch release 5.5.60 for Data Platform 2022 (it was shipped on the last day of December 2022).


We introduced two new features with this patch:

  • capability to send alerts/notifications (via email) on Normalization and Catalog Sync event status changes (start, succeed, or fail)
  • support for SAML authentication, starting with an Okta-specific implementation


We included several bug fixes for:

  • an issue with Data Platform configuration wizard failing when SSL is enabled for LDAP authentication with the error: Please trust or import the certificate manually to proceed further.
  • an issue with de-duping Microsoft SQL Server Enterprise Edition: Core-based Licensing
  • an issue with incorrect database collation for database tables


You can click the in-product banner/notification on the Admin Console to obtain this update (after a Technopedia sync). Details on 5.5.60 Patch (December 2022) can be found in the release notes posted in the documentation section of Data Platform.