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As per the ActiveState announcement, they are changing how they distribute, license, and price their products and services. The changes are having impacts on licensing and pricing for few ActiveState products. One of the changes includes retiring the community editions and making few versions as no longer free of change.


The details of the impact can be found here:



Impacted products and versions:


  • 5.14.0 and later releases (e.g. 5.16.x, 5.18.x, …)
  • and later releases in the 5.12 series
  • and later releases in the 5.10 series
  • and later releases in the 5.8 series


  • 3.2.0 and all later releases (e.g. 3.3.x, 3.5.x, …)
  • and later releases in the 3.1 series
  • and later releases in the 2.7 series


  • 8.6.0 and all later releases (e.g. 8.6.x, …)
  • and later releases in the 8.5 series
  • and later releases in the 8.4 series

To accommodate the above changes, Flexera is going to update the ActiveState products as below:

We are going to create the new products with the ‘Free’ moniker. These free releases will be migrated to the newly created products.

  • ActivePerl (Free)
  • ActivePython (Free)
  • ActiveTcl (Free)

The existing products ‘ActivePerl’,’ ActivePython’ and ‘ActiveTcl’ will be represented as restricted based on the version update details.

This change will impact customers who rely on Technopedia Product ID/Release ID & Names and discovered previously mapped to ActivePerl, ActivePython and ActiveTcl products. They will be mapped to the new products and specific update releases.

The attached spreadsheet provides the full list of all releases in scope for this review which will be created, removed or reserved.

Customers should expect these changes to be completed within 4 weeks from the publication date of this notification.