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Filter by NULL in Reports

I'm trying desperatly to filter a report by NULL-Values. I tried so far:Like  !_*or =  NULLEven if a column just contains three values (Active, Inactive and NULL) I was not successfull on filtering by:Column <> *active  orAND NOT Column = *active.   ...

Meaning of device status "Nicht von SWR gemeldet"

Hi Experts!Spider is reporting about 100 Machines as "Nicht von SWR gemeldet". What does that status mean, what are the consequences and how can I get rid of it?Thank you for your help,Tom

Import Data to spider

Dear community,is there a possibility to import something to Spider? f.e. list of documents number? dates?If yes, is there a manual somewhere how to do this? Is an Admin User needed for this?Thank you for your replies!Best regardsEmili Horvat  

Visual Studio with MSDN

How to correctly assign a Visual Studio license in Spider?So far, I have assumed that I have to assign the software to the user and have to set the environment on development so that components like SQL Server from the MSDN subscription are not count...

Solved Change of Asset Type

Some assets in our system were detected or created with "unknown" asset type. Is it posible to change the asset typ manually e.g. to Laptop? In the current documentation i have not found any information for handling this asset typ.

Solved Standard Software Assignment

An other day, an other Question How can I set all direct software assignments  (applied software) of a specific software product back to standard? On a single asset you can find this function within the "Reconised products" form (s. screen shot)

2019-08-15 17_09_29-Desktop_ DP014068 - Internet Explorer.png

Problem Globale Produktzuordnungen in den Software Services

Software kann über die Software Services erstmal nur global zu einem kaufmännischen Produkt zugeordnet werden. Da wir aber ein Einmandantensystem mit verschiedenen Geschäftseinheiten sind, die alle einen eigenen Einkauf und alle unterschiedliche Scan...

Solved init.d and erunbook Agent

currently the erunBook-Agent's process is started via init.d in Linux distributions.'systemd'  is the new standard procedure  in Linux distributions and apparently future distributions will not support init.d anymore. Will there be a Change from init...

Solved Bulk Change for changing Software Assignments on Assets ?

Is there a way to change the software assignment  for a spezific recognized product in an bulk change on multiple assets? Background: We have the standard for this spezific product set to core metric but more then 100 assets need to be assigned as us...