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Solved Recover deleted contract

Dear CommunityI deleted a contract by mistake in Spider 6.4.Is there a possibility to recover it?ThanksErich

Solved Tables for Software Report

Hi All,I am trying to find out the correct table/tables to get list of all sw instalations within group of Assets.It would be great, if it doesn't contain the trash SW (packages, MS C++, milion of versions of something).I found a table which seems to...

Solved XMLOutput - Update ReferenceObject in Spider Contract - Problem

ReferenceObject - Das angegebene Argument liegt außerhalb des gültigen Wertebereichs.Parametername: nameWenn ein ReferenceObject per XMLOutput aktualsiert wird, erscheint die oben genannte Fehlermeldung als Ausgabe, wenn ein t_txt Feld geschrieben we...

Solved Automatic deletion of outdate inventory data (Spider)

Are the inventory data automatically deleted after you discard the computer?In other words, are the inventory data automatically deleted at the end of the lifecycle or is this done by order?Is there a trigger to initiate the deletion of old inventory...

Solved Inventory driven inactivation

Up to now we do not use this feature, which means that we have no value entered in the field "Inactivate Asset after x day" within our Standard mandator.Now  (some days ago) I have set this value to 90 on our test system, but no assets changes it sta...

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Solved Identification of Developement Environments

For some type of licences  the environment of the asset (e.g. developement, test, production …)  has to be taken into account when calculating the reqiured licences (e.g. MS-Project when the user has a Visual Studio Abo).From which field / object spi...

LegalEntityID on Employee Objects

Hi all,when will the LegalEntityID be a standard column in Employee Object?Currently we have still to add this information via an cust field, and a standard field will simplify things a bit.Thanks,Claudius Peter

Solved LMP Calculation is not working - Pending Status

Hello,I have an issue which I described in Subject.When I try to Run LMP Calculation the status is Pending (all the time).Does anyone knows how to solve it? Kind regards,Lukasz Wojcik

Lukasz by Level 3
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Recognition and Asset-Update Prozess

Hi , I'm looking for a description how the Asset-Update/Create process based on the recognition tables is realised.There are some informations in the configuration of the mandator (e.g. days before an asset is set to inaktive after last scan date etc...

Filter by NULL in Reports

I'm trying desperatly to filter a report by NULL-Values. I tried so far:Like  !_*or =  NULLEven if a column just contains three values (Active, Inactive and NULL) I was not successfull on filtering by:Column <> *active  orAND NOT Column = *active.   ...