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Wrong product assignments of O365-subscriptions

Dear Flexera-Team,


I face major problems with the product assignment of O365-subscriptions in Spider (updated to the actual release of Software Services and Data Collector).


The assignment of subscription Microsoft Microsoft 365 Enterprise F1 is assigned to product version  365 Enterprise F1 (Named-User) - what is wrong, as F1 was renamed by Microsoft and is now O365 Enterprise F3 - the assignment should be updated.


Furthermore, the new O365 F1 subscription from Microsoft is now named in the Spider Subscription overview M365_F1_COMM and is set to state "Ignored". That's also wrong, this subscription should be now assigned to 365 Enterprise F1 (Named-User).


Both assignments cannot be overruled by me, and I wait for an update of those assignments now in spider since January.


Can you please let me know when the assignments are corrected in the spider catalog? It is not possible for me to manage those license correctly based on the actual spider-system.


Erich Grissemann

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By Level 3 Flexeran
Level 3 Flexeran

Hi Erich,

we are aware of some changes in MS Subscriptions reported by Azure. We have already contacted Microsoft and all those changes will be resolved within April Release.


Best regards

Hi Erich,


Please keep in touch about the correction when released in April.

I also have a Case open for this with you.  Should you need any further assistance, please reach out to me.


Kind regards,

James Ellis

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Dear Flexera-team


With actual update of Software Services, the O365-assignments seem to work now correctly.


Erich Grissemann