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Virtuel Machines in dynamic Cluster

Dear Spider-Community,

Following Situation:  We have a dynamic cluster, means the cluster contsists of 6 Servers and in the cluster 10 virtual machines are running.  The VM dynamically changing the servers. On the servers the OS is Windows Server 2012 Standard. 

Question: How will Spider calculate the licence requirement per Server, respectively what we have  to do in Spider, to get the correct licence requirement calculated?

Thanks and Regards Markus

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Do you have proper relationship between physical host and VM?

What means "proper relationship"? Yes we have the "current snap shot" relationship given by the scanning System. Means e.g. relationship between Server01 to VM01 & VM02; Server02 to VM03-VM05, ...

But how or does Spider knows, that all VM can be run on just one Server at a time. So from our perspective all Servers has been licenced for 10 VMs, but how can we achieve this without manuell effort in Spider?

I Hope that Spider can recognize it, otherwise it is not in human force to maintain it (for Windows server standard edition) manually especially when you have large IT environment.
So I am keen to see an answer 🙂

@jborchers @james_ellis 

Hi Jan, Hi James,

do you have a solution or suggestion for the problem/Ssituation?


Best Regards Markus