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User Manual Update?

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The documentation (user manual) is not realy "up to date".

A lot of new features described in the release notes (e.g. new authorization concept with V6.4) are nowhere described in detail.

Current user manual version I can find on these website is V 6.3 Nov. 2016. 

Current Softwareverison 6.4.2 July 2019!  Is there an other "source" existing, which I don't know?

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We are reviewing and working the documentation for Spider 6.4. Updated version should be available latest in October 2019.

@jborchersIs there any update on this issue?

Reagrds Markus

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Hi Markus,


There has been a delay due to holidays. We are actively working on this, Let me find out from the team drafting the documents.


Kind regards,

James Ellis

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A new German version of Spider 6.4 User Manual is available under the documentation section.,%20ITM,%20Contract,%20Enterprise)