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Re-Creation of deleted assets

Hi, we have deleted some  "Test-Assets" in Spider Asset via delete function to test the behaviour of the new "Import priority"-feature in Spider 6.4.4.

Now I can see the deleted Assets in the dbo.Device table, but they won't be created again in Spider. Can Spider rember that these assest were deleted or how can I "help" Spider to create these devices as Spider-Assets again?

Regards Markus

(2) Replies

Hi Markus,


I will investigate this behaviour. The deleted object should be removed immediately and can be found in the recycle bin (separate table). 


Kind regards,

James Ellis

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Hi James, was there anything you could find out about this. Or is there somewhere a configuration setting, that controls the creation behavior (e.g. just every week) ?
Or should I open a case? Regards Markus