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Spider 6.4.3 R3 update is available 

Release Date: 2020-05-18

A new Spider update has been released. Please see the included improvements and corrections below. 

To be notified of these kinds of product updates, please ensure that you have subscribed to the Spider Release blog.



  • In the user administration, the validity period or blocking of user accounts in Spider can now be configured even if the AD Login is used. Previously, the fields "Valid from", "Valid to" and "Locked" were only effective for user accounts that were only managed in Spider.
  • For selection list entries it is now possible to enter up to 255 characters in the value field. The length of the key field remains unchanged.



  • The search function of the Spider Web API had an error interpreting the FirstRow parameter, which means that the returned search result was incomplete under certain circumstances. Customers who use the Spider Web API must check their implementation after this update.

Asset Management

  • If Employees were imported via interfaces other than the Recognition module, there could be inconsistencies when assigning Cloud Accounts to Employees. The numbers of the Cloud Accounts and the summary did not match for several Products.
  • Due to an error, the search function of the Employee View in Spider Asset did not return any results when filtering by status.
    The Employee View in Spider Asset did not show results if a role selector was defined.
  • The results of the Cloud Account search are no longer limited to 500 results.

License Management

  • The service task for transferring catalog data to Spider Licence did not take certain changes in the product catalog into account. Moving a product version to another product was not supported. Furthermore, products without product versions were not deleted.
  • Due to an error in the Licence search could not be filtered by contracts.
  • The article catalog delivered with version 1.2003.1 of the Recognition module was incomplete and did not contain all articles. As a result, Licences and Maintenance in Spider lost their connection to the affected Articles. The article
    catalog was completely delivered again with the immediately following version of the Recognition module. With this Spider update all missing connections between Articles and Licences or Maintenances are restored.
  • Due to an error, the bulk change of Manufacturers did not work.
  • The overview page for the product catalog incorrectly indicated that not all selected Manufacturers, Products and Product Versions would have been transferred to Spider Licence.

Software Services

  • Due to an error, no installations were displayed for Recognition results for which there is exactly one alternative but no Product is selected.

License Metric Procedures (LMP)

  • The user-based license metrics procedure has been expanded to calculate license requirements for Oracle Java Client Named User Plus subscriptions. The calculation is based on the employees assigned to the assets.
  • When calculating the license requirements for Windows Server, System Center and Core Infrastructure Suite with physical servers with 1 CPU and more than 10 cores the virtual systems were not taken into account correctly. The incorrect message "Required software on host is missing" was displayed.
  • The license metric procedures "Calculation: Linux Server (Red Hat, SUSE Server)" and "Calculation: Multi Version Usage | Cross Version Usage" are activated once with this Spider Update on all Spider