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Notification feature for expiring licenses or maintenances


Some of the spider-users in my company asked for the same feature in Spider up to now not available. For this reason, I forward this idea to the spider-team.

A cool feature would be to get an eMail-notification (e.g. 30 days) before a license or a mainteance expires (by using the "valid to" date) to a generic eMail-address. Of course, it is possible to add a reminder to the object, but you must reenter a lot of information - nobody is using this function.

Maybe you can implement such a notification-feature in a future spider-version.

Best regards

Erich Grissemann 


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Hi Eric, you can configure an alert in Spider. Do you know these function?
Regstes Markus

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You mean the notification-feature? My users don't like it, as you have to register it separately to the maintenance /license object.

I mean the function described in the User Manual Chapter 5.5. You have to create an view in the database and than you can use this view to generate an Email alert. I think the example in the User Guide meets your demand.2020-10-22 19_10_59-Window.png2020-10-22 19_02_53-Window.png2020-10-22 19_03_52-Window.png

Hi Markus,


That sounds promising for me, did not know this function. I will check.

Thanks for the hint.

Best regards