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Solved wrong/unnecessary error mesage after importing activation key

hello,directly after importing the activation key an error message says: "Failed to import: License ....."The message is wrong.When you go to main menu of the License server Console \ Get current Server State   the license turns to a positive (green)...

HPMeyer by Level 6
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Solved Metering: Report for Assets without metering

Hello,the metering dashboard says there are xx Assets (x %) without metering. How can i investigate an asset "witout metering" to clear the situation. I cant find a way to "visit" such an asset. I also can't find a report "number of assets without me...

HPMeyer by Level 6
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Solved request for activating Spider license key; Email license team

hello,could someone please neame the valid Email-adress of the license team for activating license keys.The adress given in the document "How to activate your Spider LCM 6.x or Columbus 7.x license" (link:

HPMeyer by Level 6
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Solved product catalog / missing manufactures

Hello, I think that's a general question. We would very much like to automatically upload manufacturers whose products can be found with us but are not part of the product catalog so that the catalog can be adapted more quickly. We have two questions...

Solved Device Calculator

Hello,may I ask you, what exactly DeviceCalculator.exe calculates if I start it manually?Thank youVlad

Solved Metering Spider - Columbus Agent. Bigger timeframe needed

hello,at the moment we are using columbus agent 7.5.5 to deliver metering data to the spider system. Default for monitoring seems to be 90 days. We would like to enlarge the timeframe to 180 days.1. is this the right forum for the question?2. how and...

HPMeyer by Level 6
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Metering in Spider

Hallo,bei uns hat Spider im Metering keine Ergebnisse angezeigt, da das File type inventory in SCCM nicht aktiviert war. Für das Metering im SCCM ist dies nicht nötig. Wir holen die meisten Informationen aus SCCM über das Hardwareinventory (WMI).Im S...