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SVM and Log4j

Your attention is called to this blog post for how SVR and SVM can help you deal with Log4j. SVM focuses exclusively on assessing known vulnerable software versions. It uses file signatures to determine the presence of known vulnerable software versi...

bkelly by Flexera Alumni
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Solved SVM Practice Guide Learning Lab

Recently we have published our new SVM practice guide. Our practice guides are designed to walk through how you can get the most out of your products. To grasp a better understanding of how you can utilize SVM to it's fullest potential,  view our on-...

vwonais by Flexera Alumni
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Solved Importing data from Splunk to SVM

Does SVM have the ability to take a feed of data about what is installed on client computers from Splunk? We're looking to get more up to date/realtime data fed into Secunia without adding another agent to the desktop fleet.

ChrisG by Community Manager
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Solved Re: Community Getting Started Guide

Hello Team, I'm trying to support one of our Customer within their Secunia environments. There are programs that Secunia reflects as insecure or with End of life in the Insecure SW Installations Weighted Score Windows. And the question is; could be p...

ediazco by Level 2
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Solved Software Vulnerabilty Manager (SVM) login user field contains 'username' text - GUI fix suggestion

I use Keepass for identity management and drag my credentials to website fields for logging on.  This avoids using the clipboard.If I drag the username into the SVM Username field, the 'username' text is not replaced, but is mixed up with the usernam...

I built an installer but the files are ex-tractable how to make installer dont show the files

I built an installer. but the files are ex-tractable by reverse engineering . My  understanding is hackers can use this way to extract and modify the features / inject malicious scripts .how to prevent the files are ex-tractable by reverse engineerin...

Publishing Package - Visual Indicator

When publishing a package to WSUS we just get the message 'Attempting to Publish Package - Please Wait…'. The image to the left of this does not spin and therefore this is not a real indication that this has not crashed.Can we look at either displayi...

danaild by Level 2
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Solved Software Suggestion Notifications

Can we consider updating the software suggestions screen to incorporate a CC/Notify box? At the present when a new software is suggested, only the person that submits the software is then updated of the status of this submission.Our suggestion is to ...

danaild by Level 2
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