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SVM / configure agent scan settings for specific host group

As an enhancement, would there be a possibility to create a host group, and assign some specific scan agent settings that would be different from the global setting set for all other agents?
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By Level 7 Flexeran
Level 7 Flexeran

Hi @sebastien_dorc,

This is already possible in the SVM 2019 interface, using the 'Site' assignment of your SVM 2019 Agents.

Please navigate to Scanning > Local Host Agents interface where all your active Agents are being displayed.
Notice the "Site" column which represents the "Site" grouping boundary for each of your active Agents.

You can right-click on an Agent within a selected "Site" and use the "Edit Site Configuration" option to edit the "Site" settings for all agents in this group. This will set the configuration you've set in the menu to all Agents within the "Site" group you have thereby selected. 


I hope this helps you further. 

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We are looking to customize the settings for specific host in a host group, not to add different sites.


Hi again,
Individual Agent configuration can be set (separately from the settings already set for the group/Site) with right-click > "Edit Configuration" option. This will set the configuration individually for the selected Agent, without modifying it for all others in the same Site.

Is this what you need to do?