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Windows version of Bootcamp being Mac scans

A vulnerability was discovered and fixed in the windows version of Apple Bootcamp is being applied to Apple machines (which operate on different versioning and dont have the same version available)

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Screenshot 2021-08-12 at 12.30.26.png

Version incorrectly detected with Big Sur 11.5.2 (no other updates available from apple)

Screenshot 2021-08-12 at 12.34.24.png

Would you please share the screenshot from SVM of the version currently detecting in your environment? 


We have checked the detection rules for the Bootcamp product from the backend, and it looks correct. Have you checked the metadata of product versioning of Bootcamp from your latest up-to-date Mac machine? If the metadata of the file shows the latest version of the product, please try to create a case with Flexera SVM support so we can further assist you with that.  If the metadata shows the older version of the product, then SVM might be showing the right product status. 

As far as I am aware, the version I currently have installed is the latest as provided by Apple (across our whole Mac estate). 

Are you able to confirm which Apple update/installer includes the version Flexera is detecting?

We detect the Bootcamp product as an individual product with detection rules, etc., and therefore report it in the SVM console. This could be, your MAC is on the latest up-to-date version, but the Bootcamp product is still on old product version metadata. 

Hi, Your software is reporting it at Apple Boot Camp 6.x. This is the latest ANYONE can get for this. It should not be confused with any other boot camp, and as such should be reported correctly