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SVR: Using ID's for detailed reports

Hey guys,
we are using Flexera Code Insight for years and started to use SVR as well.

In Code Insight we have ID’s like ID_Component, ID_License and ID_Version.
In SVR we just found the product_id, product_release_id and the nvd_id.

Is there any way to match that ids easily? Or to even search for any of the SVR IDs (nvd/product_id/product_release_id) in the user interface?


Thanks in advance!

Kind regards,


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By Level 7 Flexeran
Level 7 Flexeran


Unfortunately, you can't see the product Id information in the SVR console. But you can export the whole product DB from the SVR console>Research > product database > products > export as CSV. The export will provide you the id, name, vendor.

Please note: The Code insight and SVR doesn't share the common product DB. The product ID's might not match with each other. 




Flexera Alumni

Matching can be a challenge-- you're best bet may be NVD_ID, or CPE.  but there can be  issues with this apporach in that we do not have these for all products…

API call for Excel…