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Flexera Alumni

The SVR December 2023 update is live now!

CPE stands for Common Platform Enumeration. CPE naming specifications define standardized methods for assigning names to IT product classes. With this update, SVR will now support CPE v2.3 for naming the software products. To view the CPE v2.3 product naming, click on any SAID > CPE Exists, Click for Details link a popup appears with the CPE 2.3 details.

Effective December 15, 2023, NVD will retire the CPE v2.2 legacy feed. Consequently, current products in SVR will be visible in both CPE v2.2 and CPE v2.3 naming formats during this transitional period. However, it's important to note that any new products added to SVR in the future will be displayed in the CPE v2.3 naming format, and the CPE v2.2 format only if available.


For the full release notes, please click here.