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Flexera Alumni

SVM On-prem 2021 R4 is now available for download. There were many significant features added to the SVM cloud edition in last the few updates. All those features are now made available to our on-prem customers through this update.

Log4j Detection

The Log4j files detection capability added to the SVM Cloud Update is now added to the SVM On-prem 2021 R4. The Single Host Agent (v7.6.1.19) can detect the log4j jar files installed on a host machine. The scan type must be set to either 2 or 3 for the agent to detect log4j jar files. It is important to note that only the log4j-core*.jar files are found to be vulnerable, therefore SVM detects only these files during the scan. The log4j component may have been installed as a part of any software on a machine, however, when it is detected, SVM will associate it with the product Apache Log4j in the Scan Result view for a host. There will be a need to manually review the path of the log4j file in the scan results to identify the actual product which installed this file on the host. You may take advantage of Smart Groups to configure a new smart group to get a list of all the log4j versions installed across various hosts in your environment, to help you prioritize and focus on these products/hosts immediately.

SVM Patch Publisher

The SVM Patch Publisher, a new tool for publishing patches from SVM to the endpoint management systems, was released with the SVM Cloud Edition’s September 2021 Update. When released, SVM Patch Publisher was supported by SVM Cloud Edition alone. With this update, this new tool is supported by SVM On-prem Edition now. The first thing you’ll notice in the SVM Patch Publisher is a completely revamped user interface. You can specify connections to multiple distribution platforms and instances. For example, you could add a connection to both WSUS and Intune whereas previously such would have required two running instances of the Patch Daemon. For certain distribution platforms like Microsoft Intune, VMware Workspace ONE and WSUS, you can make assignments within SVM Patch Publisher for endpoint deployment. We are planning to provide the ability to create and edit patches within the SVM Patch Publisher in the future updates. We will continue to focus on improving the SVM Patch Publisher by adding additional functionality with the goal of eliminating the need for ActiveX and eventually deprecating the current Patch Daemon.



New Settings for Java Assessment

A new setting for Java assessment is added to the Settings page under Configuration menu. This setting allows to you specify if you want to detect Java instances in the standard installation directories alone or in all the directories.


Some other minor enhancements and bug fixes were also included in this update, to see the full release notes, please click here.