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By Level 8 Flexeran
Level 8 Flexeran

This release adds some significant features to Software Vulnerability Manager:

Integration with VMware Workspace ONE

Software Vulnerability Manager continues to extend its scope of integration by adding support to yet another industry popular end point management system. SVM now integrates with VMware Workspace ONE to publish SPS and VPM patches. This new capability requires a new version of patch daemon, released as a part of SVM Toolkit that can be downloaded here.


Introducing QuickPatch, a new and quick way for non-IE browsers to publish patches from SVM to an end-point management system with no dependency on ActiveX. QuickPatch publishes patches via Patch Daemon using defaults.

For full release notes, please click here.

(1) Comment
Level 3

Thank you very much for the information. I would like to know please if this information can be reported every month in advance before implementing every new release. We get the new version of Flexera SVM in our environment, and this is reported once we already have the new version of the application.
We work in pharma company and we qualify Flexera SVM software within our organization, and we would like to know in advance if changes applied to Flexera SVM will affect to our processes. If we foresee that changes in the release would affect our activities, we must test them in advance before using Flexera SVM in the production environment.
If changes are only related to application vulnerabilities or bug fixing, and there is no changes in software functionalities, that should be also reported (no need to report specifically of the vulnerability).
If you need further info regarding this topic, or this is not the right place to report it, please let us know where and how. Thank you.
Kind regards