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Flexera Alumni

The first SVM update of the year 2023 is live now. This update marks SVM’s entrance into the Mac Patching, plus other enhancements below:

Publish Mac Packages to Microsoft Intune

This update introduces the support for enabling patching of your Mac devices with Intune. This beta version allows you to publish.PKG format of Mac packages in the Vendor Patch Module view of the Patch Publisher to Microsoft Intune. This is the first of many enhancements planned for supporting Mac patching in SVM.



Flexera Package System (SPS) View Enhancements

The following enhancements are added to the SPS view of the SVM Patch Publisher in this update:

  • You can now search for SPS patches either by Product or CVE. The additional Find box allows you to search for the matching entries by plain text across the entire grid.
  • The criticality of a Secunia Advisory is now color-coded to indicate the severity of the advisory.
  • The Secunia Advisories (SAID) can now be clicked to see a pop-up with the advisory details like CVE, CVSS Score, affected software, etc.
  • The Detected column now displays the number of minutes/hours/days/months of how long ago the vulnerabilities were detected in a scan.

 Add Multiple Email Addresses While Suggesting Software

You can now add multiple email addresses when suggesting software to be added to SVM. You may optionally include additional team members to the request when suggesting software. Upon completion of your request, an email confirmation will be sent to all email addresses specified, which can improve internal communications by reducing time spent alerting other stakeholders as to the status of software suggestion requests.


Updated Process for Software Suggestions

In our ongoing efforts to improve response times and increase the value of your investment, we have implemented a new backend process for managing incoming software suggestions. This is part of the continuous improvements we have been making to the software suggestion functionality over the last couple of quarters. The new process significantly improves the way we track the software suggestions thus helping us manage the requests more efficiently. Building on this work, we intend to expose estimated response times based on actual activity and backlog load to set realistic expectations for software suggestions in the future.

As a reminder, software suggestion guidelines may be found here.

Support for RHEL 9 scanning

The SVM Single Host Agent v7.6.0.24 (scan agent) now supports scanning of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 9 Operating System.


To see the full release notes, click here.