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Software Vulnerability Manager knowledge base

SVM Integration with WSUS API Explained

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Question: What are the correct requirements to integrate SVM 2019 to WSUS for publishing third-party patches? Answer: This section of the guide guides you through the connection properties and requirements of the connection and overall integration...
by Flexera RDanailov Flexera

DNS changes for on May 24

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All on prem customers who are currently whitelisting will need to whitelist DiscussionFlexera will be rolling out DNS updates to move from HSK to AWS on May 24th. The IP address is fo...
by Community Manager KPBussey Community Manager

Advanced SVM 2019 Agent Deployment Package Configurations

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The Agent Deployment package allows configuration of variety of agent installation options that can be used to customize the agent prior to deploying the package. The command line options of the agent can be set in the script that is provided at ste...
by Flexera RDanailov Flexera

Software Vulnerability Management forum

Publishing Package - Visual Indicator

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When publishing a package to WSUS we just get the message 'Attempting to Publish Package - Please Wait…'. The image to the left of this does not spin and therefore this is not a real indication that this has not crashed.Can we look at either displayi...
by danaild Flexera beginner

Software Suggestion Notifications

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Can we consider updating the software suggestions screen to incorporate a CC/Notify box? At the present when a new software is suggested, only the person that submits the software is then updated of the status of this submission.Our suggestion is to ...
by danaild Flexera beginner

Software Vulnerability Manager not receiving Advisories

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We noticed error messages in the system logs and that the cron-scheduled tasks haven't been working for a while (years). After making some amendments and pointing to current DNS servers the jobs are running now, but we do not receive files from the s...
by stephan_scholl Flexera beginner

Software Vulnerability Management blog

Introducing: Threat Intelligence Module

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A new module is now available for our software vulnerability management solutions. It is called the Threat Intelligence Module and it takes your ability to focus on the vulnerabilities that matter most to the next level by exposing which are actually...
by Moderator bkelly Moderator

Software Vulnerability Research Knowledge Base

Java SE 8 SVM packages from Jan 2019

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Summary Oracle has announced that after January 2019?, Java SE 8 public updates will not be available for business, commercial or production use without a commercial license. Synopsis Oracle has announced that after January 2019, Java SE 8 public upd...
by Flexera raslam Flexera

Customer unable to log on to SVM via SSO

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SynopsisThe customer has configured SSO with their tool "PingFederate" to manage log ins for SVM. But when attempting to log on with an appropriate user name and password, SVM shows the error: "Sorry, you are not allowed to access this app.There are ...
by Flexera tpeacock Flexera

VIM 4 End of Life

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SummaryVIM 4 EOL is Sept 29, 2017SynopsisVIM 4 End of Life is Sept 29, 2017, and the product will be turned off at that time. DiscussionIf your organization is still on VIM 4, please make plans to migrate your organization to the new VIM 2016 platfo...
by nhebrank Pilgrim