Creating and managing patches with SVM and AdminStudio

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Hackers are always searching for way to infiltrate an organization. Keeping up with security updates to patch vulnerabilities is a critical task. If you're reading this, I’m going to assume the need is well understood, so I'll get right to the message.  

Flexera’s Software Vulnerability Manager is an invaluable tool for identifying software vulnerabilities in your environment. It provides thoroughly-tested patches you can deploy to remediate such vulnerabilities. While this is a key value of Software Vulnerability Manager, no single solution can provide you a patch for every application. As such, you need to build your own custom update packages to patch many software titles. 

Software Vulnerability ManagerSoftware Vulnerability Manager

AdminStudio complements Software Vulnerability Manager by offering a solution to create customized patches for any updates you need to deploy. Not only can you create the packages you need, you also get valuable insight to address the operational risk that comes with deploying such updates.  

With AdminStudio, you can create and customize your own packages to update vulnerable software. This allows you to: 

  • Quickly wrap installation packages in branded PowerShell wrappers; 
  • Create transform files to customize your silent deployment when provided as a Windows Installer setup; 
  • Repackage the setup into a distribution package that meets your needs when options to deploy a silent and customized deployment are not provided by the vendor. 

What some might not realize is that AdminStudio can also help you to identify operational risk by answering important questions for you. 

  • Is the application compatible with my target operating system? 
  • Does an installation depend on the Java Runtime? Does it include the Java Runtime? If so, what version (and is that version EOL)? 
  • Does the installation contain files that conflict with others I have already deployed? 

AdminStudio can help you leverage Application Virtualization technologies. It can report on applications that are not good candidates for virtualization. And AdminStudio can convert installers to App-V, ThinApp and Citrix formats. 

Ultimately, AdminStudio can help you hand those deployment packages off to your endpoint management system of choice. The time savings this can provide might not be apparent until you have the opportunity to experience it for yourself.  

Have a first-hand look now by downloading a trial version of AdminStudio and our Evaluation Guide!  

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