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Symptoms: Type 3 scan results may not be processed by the on-prem SVM Server so you do not see these scan results in your SVM UI. 

However, when amending the scan type to type 2 you see these scan results processed and visible in the SVM UI. 

Upon investigation, you can follow the below to enable logging for your agent to troubleshoot:

Enable SVM Agent logging through Registry

Or you can run the below in an elevated CMD prompt in the csia.exe location to generate logging: 


csia.exe -c -t 3 -d "C:\temp\agentdebug.log" -v -v -v


The below errors can also be seen in the logging if the scan result file size is too large to be processed:


[03/23 16:33:22.535] Request timeouts : 120000ms, 120000ms, 120000ms
[03/23 16:33:22.629] Request returned code 200 => OK
[03/23 16:33:23.035] Server returned error when processing results.
[03/23 16:33:23.066] Scan complete in :
[03/23 16:33:23.082]  --- 255734ms CPU time
[03/23 16:33:23.098]  --- 10858958ms wall time


The 200 response shows the communication to the On-Prem Server is okay, however the scan results cannot be processed due to the max data size being reached due to the Type 3 scans containing a larger amount of results. 

1. Logon to SVM On-Prem server with an account that has root permissions
2. run 'vi /etc/php.ini' or equivalent depending on what text editor you are using on Linux to open the file
3. Amend the below values to the maximum amount of '20M'

upload_max_filesize = 20M
post_max_size = 20M

4. ensure this file is saved
5. run 'service httpd restart' to restart the apache service
6. Run the type 3 agent scans and confirm if these results are processed by the On-Prem Server


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