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No downgrade error message is displayed.


I created a version 1.0.000 installer and created a version 1.0.0001 installer.

Then, when I installed version 1.0.0001 and ran the version 1.0.0000 installer, it exited without any error message.

I want to get an error message, what should I do?

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Revenera Moderator

What upgrade process did you follow for the 1.0.0001 installer?

For example did you create a Major or Minor upgrade?

How to create a Major Upgrade:

How to create a Minor Upgrade:

I created it with a minor upgrade.
When I created it with a major upgrade, I now get an error message.

Thank you.

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Revenera Moderator


   Please check in your ism  ISpreventdowngrade has proper value set, if your newer version is 1.01(Product version), then you need to set this ISprevendowngrade to the same number 1.01





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ISpreventdowngrade is set to an appropriate value.

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You will see the same message on minor upgrade as well, however first you will see the upgrade dialog "The setup will perform an upgrade of" your project name." Do you want to continue? dialog,  Once you click on OK you will see the message downgrade message,  Because since ISpreventdowngrade is mainly added for a major upgrade


I have also attached the sample project for minor upgrade, first install the setup from release1 folder, then install setup.exe from "Minor Upgrade 1.01" folder, then again try to install the release1 setup.exe you can see the warning  pop up "Later version is already installed the setup cannot continue"  

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