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signing error

Hello ,

We are getting signing error during a project build. The project is an installscript project. Below is the error:

SigningHelper: error 0x8009310b while attempting to sign file

Please let me know the possible reason for this failure.  


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Had the same problem; this was for us from the old timestamp servers defined in the 2016 Settings.xml file.

For our particular location, (admin rights required):
1) Closed down InstallShield 2016

2) Went to C:\Program Files (x86)\InstallShield\2016\Support\0409

3) Made a backup of the Settings.xml file (in case we munged the edits to come)

4) Found these two lines:
    <DigitalSignature Timestamp="">/
    <DigitalSignature TimestampRFC3161=""/>

5) Edited these two lines as shown here:
     <DigitalSignature Timestamp=""/>
     <DigitalSignature TimestampRFC3161=""/>


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