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License Problem after moving machine

We moved our machine to a different hardware. We forgot to return the license before. When fixing the license we get the following message.


What we have to do to solve the problem?

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Level 9

If you can't deactivate the license on the old machine anymore, then you need to contact Flexera support.

Stefan Krueger
Technical Writer
Technical Writer

Hi @dittmann

Like Stefan has said, To get your license back you will need to contact Support. 

Please let support know that you have tried to perform a repair on your license and that that repair failed because that will change how the case is handled. 

I am only human; anything said is my view or from my own experience and not necessarily that of Flexera.
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Thank you, the problem is that we have no support plan. Without support plan i cant open a support case. But now, after calling a phone number in UK we got a case number und waiting for an email from support.
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Hi @dittmann ,


i could see below thread which is related to licensing has been solved:


can you please refer if that could help?




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Hi Jenifer,

because i stay in contact with the flexera support, i dont wont to try this. And i have IS 2018.

Thank you




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