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How to align "InstallShield" text

I am working on an "InstallScript" project. I have created several custom dialog boxes. When my dialog boxes are displayed the "InstallShield" text  is shown at the bottom of the dialog box with a long horizontal line to the right of the text. This text does not show up in the design view, but only when the installation is actually running.

The problem I am having is that the "InstallShield" text is not always centered with the long horizontal line next to it. For example see the attached images. In the Snip1 image the "InstallShield" text displays lower than the horizontal line next to it. Now look at the "Snip2" image. The "InstallShield" text is centered with the line next to it. On all of the dialog boxes I need the "InstallShield" text to be centered with the line next to it. 

I have tried adjusting the width of the dialog box, but that does not work. And of course the 
"InstallShield --------------------------------------------------------"
bottom banner does not show up in the design view. 

So my question is , how do I get the "InstallShield" text to line up with the horizontal line next to it?

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Flexera Alumni

Hi @Lexicon ,


You can achieve this,but before suggesting for solution i would recommend you to read the below article as a precaution.

Since it deals with licensing terms,it is better to be aware about this.

If only alignment changes you want to achieve,you can achieve it by editing specific dialog's Branding1 ,Branding2 controls on Control table(Using DirectEditor view).You can edit X,Y,WIDTH,HEIGHT properties of those control but not text.





Thank you Jennifer. I want to keep the branding, so that I follow the licencing agreement. I just want to figure out how to align it properly. Thank you.

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