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InstallShield 2018 Professional :Getting problem when create setup using prrequisitvc++2017 redistributable x86/x64

Hi , I am pretty new on install shield .I have created Kit using install shield 2018 and add 2 prerequisite vc++2017 redistributablex 86 and x64 when i build it was succed but when i ran msi setup then eror came vc++2017 failed to install for both version x86 and x64 and asking to continuous the setup but vc++ 2017 not installed after that i google it and came toknow if we can update the prq file in behaviour tag like that

<Behaviour Hidden="1" failure="4" Reboot="2"/> it has resolved that error but if vc++2015 redistributable x86 and x64 already installed it will remove with vc++2017 and during the installation asking for reboot to install the product if i press no installer stopped not install product and remove vc++ 2015 and add vc++ 2017 redistributable .

Please suggest on that and also explain what means hidden="1", Failure="2 and "

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Flexera Alumni

Hi @nanand5 ,


<Behaviour Hidden="1" failure="4" Reboot="2"/>  means 

Hidden=1=>The prerequisite should be hidden from the installation list

failure=4=>Continue the setup

Reboot=2=>Reboot the machine and resume on reboot

you can see the same in referred snapshot:



Since you say "No" for reboot,it isn't working as expected.If you could allow it to reboot and validate the behavior it will work as expected.

This behavior is due to InstallShield setup detecting pending reboot based on PendingFileRenameOperations value (set by microsoft 2019 installer) as documented below.




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