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Creating a x86 installer ONLY

Hi all,

Pretty simple thing I want to do, restrict my Basic MSI installer to be installed on x86 machines only. In other words, if I try to install it on a x64 machine, it'll get the default 'wrong processor type' error message.

I know you can restrict an installer to be only x64, by specifying x64, or Intel64 in the Template Summary entry in the General Information tab, but there doesn't seem to be any option to say x86 or Intel86.

Why? Surely this isn't an unusual thing to want to do?

I know I can write some script or extra condition to check myself, but then the x86 installer will need extra strings (localised etc), when I just want to use the default message that I'm using in my x64 installer.

I've tried:

  • Leaving the box blank > Installs on x86 and x64
  • Adding x86 > Installs on x86 and x64
  • Adding Intel > Installs on x86 and x64

What else can I do? I want to leave adding my own checking as a last resort and this would entail us requiring more translations for localised strings, and that's time consuming and expensive, at least for something that should be so simple!

Is this really a limitation of InstallShield?

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Check out this blog post.
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I am tasked with the same requirement.  32-bit version of install is for 32-bit OS only.  And 64 for 64.  Want to disable 32 on a 64, which I think I got by setting the Template Summary in Release config to x86;1033.  However, when I tried to run it on 32 (32 on 32) -- I got the same processor error!


The link did not work BTW.

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Hi @MattQVI ,

Your requirement can be achieved by adding install condition, the below link provides more information on how to add install conditions:

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The Install Condition is good information, thank you. And would probably work if my InstallShield project was geared to x86 or x64. It contains both and I make two different releases using Release Flags. I should have made the fact that it's one project for two installs more clear.
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Thanks for your reply,

So your answer is that there is no valid 'Template Summary' setting for restricting an install to x86 machines?

...And I guess the only way would be to add another 'Install Condition', as per your link?

The only reason why I wanted to use the Template Summary as per my other projects is that I'm guessing your default message which shows is already localised to other languages. Whereas if I use create a new 'Install Condition' we'll have to pay for more translations (and the time it takes to get them!).

Do you see my point and why I was hoping I could use the Template Summary?

Thanks again for your reply! 🙂

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