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How to get the Setup.rul file from an Installshield exe?

I want the setup.rul file of one of the installshield exe that we have which was made using InstallShield 2012 I believe but I am unable to find any way on how to reverse engineer an InstallScript project from the installation media files i.e. its exe and get the setup.rul files which has the installscript code written in it. 

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Hi @suraj_pardeshi ,


It is not possible since setup.rul functions are shipped into binary file called setup.inx.This file you can see in %temp%\GUID(There will be two GUID folders,one among them) folder when you just launch your setup.





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Thanks Jenifer for the reply!!

Then is there any other way by which I can get to know the installscript code of the exe?

I am currently working on a new version of that exe which was released in 2012 but we don't have its code checked in our TFS. 

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Hi @suraj_pardeshi,

No,there is no other way to get installscript code back if there is no project file . Thanks, Jenifer

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