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Activation service being discontinued by Macrovision?


I've heard from a reseller that Macrovision is discontinuing the InstallShield Activation Service.

Is this true and why have all instances of the Activation Service been removed from the Macrovision website?

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Yeap. It's true. I just talked to a salesman. They will honor the current contracts but beyond that he couldn't tell me more.

Yes, we're PO about this. We invested 2-months rewriting/testing/planning our products' deployment based on this technology. We like the concept and pricing. We saved a TON of money using this technology. Too bad they couldn't sale it to more companies.
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You may be able to use FLEXnet Publisher ( instead. Did the salesman tell you about that?
Stefan Krueger
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Level 11 Flexeran
Level 11 Flexeran

The idea of an installer-mediated activation wrapper is a fine one. What the marketplace told us loud and clear once they started using it was that a key requirement was migration - the ability to move from a hosted-service with simple activation to something more robust that supports different licensing models and a richer integration with the back-office.

They told us a lot of other things too, but I'll start with these two.

We are a learning organization - we've taken what we've learned from this and are moving forward. We will continue to support our customers as we work together on a solution that fully meets their long-term expectations.


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