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The validation results show the error no output from reg. What does this error indicate?


This error indicates a permissions issue with the user account where the account credential cannot access the $ADMIN share on the remote server or it’s possible the ADMIN share was moved to a different location.

The issue is occurring on the ‘remote commands’ feature. You will need to confirm you can log in locally on these devices (using the same username/password as entered in the RN150) and run the commands to verify the command can be run locally. If the command can be run local, then it’s possible there is a restriction on the network side/firewall that is not permitting SMB traffic which is what the appliance uses for polling the data remotely.

Below is link to the Windows doc that will detail how to run the command locally:

If the command is successful when running locally on the machine, then I would recommend using the 'TCP - Connect' feature in the RN150 'Interfaces' section/'Network Utilities' feature. You will select 'TCP Connect' in the 'Mode' drop down menu, enter the IP address of the remote server followed by :445 (Example and then select 'Submit'. You will see 'Connection Failure' if the port is restricted, and successful connection will show 'Success'. (Below is a link to a video demonstrating the Network Utilities feature)

Network Utilities

This error can also be caused by the credential format being entered into the RN150. For example, we see instances where entering domain name, username, and password can successfully collect the remote commands but when adding the credential as and then the password the validation will fail. (or vice versa). Also please ensure to test to each IP address of the remote host as we see instances where validations to one IP address of the host fails but testing to an alternate IP address of the server is successful.

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