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Microsoft Error code: NT code 0x80080005

Hi all,

NT code 0x80080005

 I'm trying to validate a windows server but seeing the above Mircrosoft error code. As far as I know, the credentials have the correct privilege levels and I am able to log into the server without any issue.

There seems to be a pattern in the sense that I tend to see this error code when validating a physical machine rather than a virtual one.

Has anybody else come across this one before?

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Hi Mohamed,

Regarding the error NTSTATUS: NT code 0x80080005; This is an error we have not been presented with. I was able to locate the following from Microsoft document regarding the error. Please see the link below.

Please note that these are Windows error codes that are returned by the remote system when querying WMI. You may need to open a ticket with Microsoft to determine the root cause of the error code.

Please let me know if there are questions.

Thank you,

Mark Jamison

Flexera Support Team