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3 Steps to Getting Started with the Support Portal

pexels-photo-266834Welcome to the Flexera Community! One of the immediate benefits you will see is access to our Support Portal. This online tool complements the existing support options you have been using (within product submissions, email and phone support.)

To get started using our online portal:

  • Click on the "Get Support" menu in the top navigation
  • To open a new case, click "Open New Case"
  • To view current and past support tickets - both your own and for others in your company, visit "My Cases"

Using the "My Cases" Portal:

We've found customers get the most benefit from the case portal when they use the Filter settings. Here you can adjust from closed to open tickets and from your own cases to any cases submitted by your company. For additional how to tips on using filter read How to Filter Case by Status  and How to View All Cases from Your Company 

Best Practices

Finally, we have some recommended practices for what to include in your cases. As experienced users, you most likely are familiar with the points. Yet it always helps to see a reminder and to share with new hires:) Best practices for Case Submission 

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