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How to delete all the Asset information

Dear All,

At a long time back, I ran the scan and got the asset information in the portal. 

1. Is there a way to clean the asset information or delete all asset information from the portal? What is the process to do this?

2. If option 1 is not possible please let me know how to handle this

Suppose  initially there are 400 asset information collected. Next time I run the scan, I take 300 assets (100 assets common with the first run and 200 assets which are new). I understand that it will create 200 new assets. 

For the 400 assets and 100 assets common to both

1)Will it update the 100 common assets with the new information?

2)How will it change the rest of the assets(400-100=300) previously collected?

Please note that I will be using the "View Changes" option while running the scan






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There is no supported way to delete assets from an assessment. You will have to add a new assessment following Create an Assessment documentation.