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3,000 Community Strong Helping you Succeed – and that’s just in the First Month

Flexera Alumni
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When I joined Flexera, I brought a few principles that I learned along the way and from my work at companies like Microsoft and Holden.  One being the majority (75%, I’ve read) of us prefer to do our research online.  And the vast majority (about 90%) of our decisions are influenced by our peer review sites.  

I also brought with me an intense focus on creating happy customers who want long-term relationships with us – and the only way to do that is to change how we interact with you.  One way we changed was getting real about what we call Customer Success – and now you have a no-charge Customer Success Manager as your partner to get the most out of your Flexera investment.  

puppies (1).JPG

I literally show my team this picture of puppies, because, while it seems ridiculous, it’s a memorable way to drive home the point that this is what we want customers feeling after every interaction with us. 

Another way we’re making it real is through this Community.  With the majority of us looking for answers online and from each other, this is just how answers are found and work is done these days.  We launched the Community a month ago and already have 3,000 members out there. In its first month, in addition to our Flexera experts out there answering you, we also have had the “bingo” moment of customers answering other customers.   

And how do we keep going, keep growing, keeping answering your questions?  One of my favorite Youtube videos is this one where they explain the change management concept of “First Followers” – leadership lessons from a dancing guy.”  It’s a strange and clever way of illustrating exactly what we need for the Community.  Thank you for those who have joined, and for those leaders who have asked a question or answered a question. From that come more and more followers…

So thanks for making our first month a memorable one.  Our goal is to make it easy for you to get answers, learn from each other, and get back to work.  We call it defining and conquering… and it’s a true path to customer success.


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Its a good read... I am proud to be in this community