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How do you know what version of a license you are entitled to use?

Hi All,

I'm having a bit of an issue I'm hoping someone can help me with? Does Flexera calculate what version of a license you are entitled to use if the license includes maintenance and the publisher releases a new version, and where can I see this detail please?

For example we have licenses for a particular publisher's product recorded in FlexeraOne ITAM. When we first started purchasing said licenses they were at version 3. Version 5 is now available, which we are entitled to use, as all licenses have active maintenance since day one, however Flexera still shows the license as version 3. I have checked the use rights, and the support upgrades is checked until a date in the future. Version 5 of the application also exists in FlexeraOne ITAM. Perhaps I am missing something, but it's not obvious, at a glance, what version we are entitled to deploy when a license is covered with active support & maintenance. It is making it very difficult for us to easily understand what version we are entitled to.

Any help appreciated.


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Hello, we use upgrade rights based on date for products and Flexera automatically updates the "Applications covered by upgrade/downgrade rights" in License Properties - Applications.

There are a couple considerations for you.

Review this setting
Also read the "Note:" within "Support upgrades until a set date"

Hi, Thank you for your reply. I can see that on License Properties > Identification that the option "copy version and edition from the most recent application" is checked. When I click on the Applications tab on the License Properties and look at "Applications covered by upgrade/downgrade rights", I can see the list of applications that are covered by upgrade/downgrade rights, and version 5 (which we are entitled to) is showing as a version upgrade right, which is what I would expect. My issue is that I would have expected that if I select Licenses > All Licenses from the navigation menu, and search the publisher in question that the version field in that particular view would show the most recent version we are entitled to deploy in the version field, rather than having to drill down into each and every individual license to verify what version we are entitled to. Perhaps there's a setting that has been missed, but I can't see anything obvious.

I've attached a couple of images if that helps.

Thank you


Anyone? Desperate to clear this one up and it's causing us to receive lots of questions when checking for license availability. Thanks

You can use a custom report to create a list of all licenses and their related applications. 
This report should start with Licenses, and any columns about the license that you need, with a second category for Application, and include any columns about the application that you need. 

You can pre-filter this report as needed, but this report will show only the applications that are linked to a license. You can then search the report for the license each version/edition of an application it is linked to. 

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