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Primary & Last Inventory Sources


The Flexera agent is our primary inventory source and is configured as such in Flexera. We also have a connection into SCCM. I am noticing on lots of machines that whilst the primary inventory source is FlexNet Manager Suite and the primary inventory date is 22/04/2024, that the last inventory source is SMS (SCCM) with a last inventory source of 22/04/2024, see attached image. I would expect to see the last inventory source as FlexNet Manager Suite on the basis that both sources have the same inventory date of 22/04/2024. Could this be something to do with the settings on the schedules for inventory and import? 

The SCCM schedule is set to run at 03:15am each day

In Inventory Settings, the Inventory Agent Schedule is set to frequency = daily, Every = day, and the start time = 07:00am

In Settings > General, the managing the processing queue for import and reconciliations is set to daily and schedule after 05:00am

I'm not too familiar with the settings, but it looks to me like the data is being imported at 05:00am, which is before the Inventory Agent Schedule but after the SCCM schedule.

I've just forced a reconciliation and selected update inventory for reconciliation, and I can now see most machines have updated and show the last inventory source as FlexNet Manager Suite.

Would changing the time from 05:00am to say 10:00am in managing the processing queue for import and reconciliations address this issue? I would like to have this sorted because when I see that last inventory source not showing FlexNet Manager Suite, I panic thinking there is an issue with the Flexera inventory agent, and I have people asking me why it is showing this way.


All Inventory.png

Thank you

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By Technical Writer
Technical Writer

Yes, running your compliance import a few hours after the agent is set to collect inventory should help ensure the agent data is newer than the data from SCCM (assuming the SCCM import is run prior to the agent).

The times don't appear in the UI but we do consider the time the inventory came from (Last HW Scan Date in SCCM is what we use as the Inventory Date). 

The Primary Inventory Source and Date will also reflect the agent unless you change the primary data source by going to Data Collection->Data Imports->Inventory Data

Thank you for responding. I've change the time in managing the processing queue for import and reconciliations to 10:00am. Will wait and see if this changes anything.