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Linux Agent Error

When trying to deploy the agent on the Linux machines. But the agent was not able impersonate the user account that was assigned. We were able to make changes in the config.ini file and was suggested that after the installation of the agent we would need to update the config.ini file with the new setting. But how do I check if the agent is responding to the changes made to the config.ini file? Do I check the logs as I am not sure since the changes are been made after the agent installation?

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By Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

There are a wide range of different settings that can be configured in the config.ini file, so how you would check the agent is responding to a particular setting would very much depend on the particular setting you are working with. For example, looking in logs, looking at data gathered, or looking at other details about the agent behavior may give insight into how any particular setting is taking effect.

On Unix-like operating systems (including Linux) you can find agent logs under the /var/opt/managesoft/log directory.

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