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IBM Licensing Assist

Is there an IBM expert out there that would be willing to talk about an  anomaly I am having with  2 IBM Licenses and what app they are considering "Primary".    I have Workload Scheduler and Workload Scheduler for System Z both calling out "Workload Scheduler" as the primary application.  This does not seem logical to me and seems to be causing "duplicate" consumption meaning Device X is consuming a WLS license and a WLS for SysZ license.

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I can see that you got this resolved through Flexera Support, please feel free to share the resolution if you think others could benefit from it.


We were able to resolve it with the recently new functionality of using Report Restrictions.  We set up a 2 reports in this case.  One that discovered and counted Prod and one for non-Prod, the applied them to respective licenses, after reconcile problem solved!