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Duplicate Serial Numbers growing!! very annoying


I'm getting increasingly frustrated with servers with the same name / IP address being imported but with different serial number.

It does not matter whether it is Windows O/S or Linux, it just keeps happening!

Is anyone else having this issue, seems to be around Azure VM's but its getting to the point I've got a support case with Microsoft to investigate the VM's, but maybe others have seen this

Not only does it create unnecessary work to clean things up, but it impacts license counts etc.


Need to get this fixed!!



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another important point is, because the issue is having a new Azure serial number when we run some normal operations on azure

Changing PPG, restoring snapshots, backups and all of that are regular operations that are not necessarily tied to the server build

but support operations, my point is the serial number will eventually change and that's the problem

im pretty sure that flexera has this problem in other customers

how did they overcome that?

Hello @cartejam 

I have seen similar issue from one of the end user account. Their setup is using 'Citrix Cloud' <> 'Azure VM' <> FNMS. The result is the same as yours that such 'short-lived' VM which usually generated from a base/gold image where has Agent software installed. While when they are turned on daily it will get a new serial number.  We even has the Azure adapter setup daily and expecting the 'terminated/closed' instance info can be captured by Azure adapter and do some deletion for us. But it doesn't seem work that way. My scenario is when the VM is terminated from Citrix Cloud console , Azure VM will be cascaded clean up (no longer a vm, but only reserve some disk/network resource) so that won't be charged by MS Azure. This is why Azure adapter was unable to capture such VM 'terminated' info as there was no VM at all when adapter was running. 

Overall my support ticket journey was at least helped me confirmed my scenario is currently not fully supported as it involved 'Citrix Cloud'.  (You can find a project roadmap item from "Ideas" portal).   Again I am not 100% percent sure your setup involved citrix cloud or not. I have end up with either build a clean up script for my on premise customer or build an 'ignore' inventory  BAS adapter for cloud customer.

Hope it helps.

Best Regards


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