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By Level 8 Flexeran
Level 8 Flexeran

SaaS vendors may use a consumption-based licensing model to charge customers for the amount of SaaS licensing units consumed. Previously, SaaS Management only tracked Salesforce Marketing Cloud consumption-based SaaS license spend using a bespoke Contacts Usage tab on the SaaS Application Details page. Now, you can track consumption-based SaaS license spend from all SaaS vendors on the Consumption tab of the SaaS Application Details page. 

Note: The Consumption tab details may vary slightly for each SaaS vendor. You can enable the Consumption tab through either scenario: 

Accessing the Consumption Tab 

You can view the Consumption tab by navigating to the SaaS menu and clicking Managed SaaS Applications. On the Managed SaaS Applications page, select the appropriate SaaS application’s instance link. Depending on the SaaS application, the default tab displayed is either the Overview tab or the Consumption tab. If the Overview tab displays, go to the Consumption tab. 

Features for Consumption-Based SaaS Licenses 

The Consumption tab of the SaaS Application Details page, displaying consumption-based SaaS license details, is automatically populated with the following information: 

  • Consumed quantity
  • Purchased quantity
  • Remaining quantity
  • Average monthly consumption
  • Monthly allowance. 

Additional product consumption details are manually entered in the SaaS application's Consumption Details slideout. For details, see the Flexera One help topic Adding an Application to Your Organization's list of Managed SaaS Applications.