New Salesforce Marketing Cloud Integration

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Level 7 Flexeran
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Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform predominantly used by marketers to create and manage marketing relationships and campaigns with customers. It can be integrated with websites and social media and allows for tailored ad campaigns based upon demographics and behaviors.

SaaS Management’s Managed SaaS Applications screen (SaaS > Managed SaaS Applications) offers a new Salesforce Marketing Cloud integration. This integration requires the the following prerequisites, which are described in the Salesforce Marketing Cloud integration instructions:

  • Obtain a copy of your Salesforce Marketing Cloud contract
  • Complete the Prerequisite Salesforce Marketing Cloud Configurations:
    • Creating a Contacts Counts Report in Salesforce Marketing Cloud
    • Creating a Data Extension for Your Contacts Counts Report
    • Building an Automation to Import Contacts Counts Report Data in Your Data Extension
  • Complete the tasks for Integrating Salesforce Marketing Cloud with Flexera One
  • Complete the License Details in the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Licenses Tab.
  • Enter your organization’s Salesforce Marketing Cloud contract information in the SaaS Management Usage Details slideout

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud integration includes a Contacts Usage tab to display your organization’s Salesforce Marketing Cloud Contacts’ entitlement and usage to control spend by minimizing contact usage overage fees. The Contacts Usage tab includes the following Salesforce Marketing Cloud consumption information:

  • Total Used
  • % Used
  • Remaining
  • Average Monthly Growth
  • Monthly allowance
  • Overused
  • Overage Cost
  • Usage Over Time (for 90 days, 1 year, and 2 years)

Application Task Tracking Chart

A new column titled Product Consumption was added to the Application Task Tracking chart. Salesforce Marketing Cloud has been added to the Product Consumption column.

Product Documentation

Salesforce Marketing Cloud integration instructions

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