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New Overview Tab Design for SaaS Applications without Usage Data

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Level 7 Flexeran
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Flexera’s SaaS Management team received customer feedback to provide more meaningful and accurate SaaS data and metrics for SaaS applications that cannot provide usage data. In response, the SaaS Management user interface now offers an Overview tab design for when the SaaS Management Application Access integration task cannot be enabled for a SaaS application. For a current list of SaaS applications that do not support the Application Access integration task, refer to the empty App Access column in the Application Task Tracking chart.

Overview Tab Features for SaaS Applications Without Usage Data

From the SaaS menu, click Managed SaaS Applications, which opens the Managed SaaS Applications screen. After clicking a SaaS application name or instance link in the Managed SaaS Applications screen, the Overview tab opens by default.

The table below describes the Overview tab features for when usage data is not available for a SaaS application.

Table -1 • Overview Tab Features for SaaS Applications Without Usage Data 



Total Users

Depending on the SaaS application, the source for the total number of users comes from the:

  • Application Roster
  • SSO Application Roster

Note: SaaS applications that only have an HR Roster task enabled (Example: Human Capital Management (Workday)) will not have a total users count.

Managed Licenses

The number in the Managed Licenses tile equals the total number of licenses created in the SaaS application’s Licenses tab.

Estimated (Est.) Annual Spend

This is the total annual cost for all the Managed Licenses.

Total Users Over Time

This line chart shows the total users over a 30-day, 1-year, or 2-year period.

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