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Flexera will be making updates to our infrastructure that will change the outbound IP address Flexera uses for customers’ cloud instances. 

warning yellow.png Important

Any customers that control inbound access to their cloud services or infrastructure by IP address will need to add the IPs below to their safelist by July 18th. Flexera will be making the changes to its production infrastructure between July 18th and July 25th.

Once all services are updated, we will send out another communication letting customers know it's safe to remove the old IPs from their safelist. This change will impact customers using the following Flexera One services:  
  • Cloud 
  • Optima
  • IT Visibility 
  • SaaS 
  • IT Asset Management
  •  Automation / Governance
  • IT Visibility and IT Asset Management customers who have connected their Flexera One service with ServiceNow should update the list of IP addresses allowed to access their ServiceNow instances.
  • Cloud Cost Optimization customers that use policies should update their safelist to allow the policies to connect to their infrastructure.


IPs to safelist by region

Please update the following IPs in your safelist based on your region.
US Region - This is for customers who access their Flexera One instance via

EU Region - This is for customers who access their Flexera One instance via

If you need assistance, please contact support.