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By Level 7 Flexeran
Level 7 Flexeran

Flexera is excited to announce the release of our Cloud Budgets feature.  With this feature, FinOps teams can view and manage their cloud budget in Flexera One Cloud Cost Optimization.

Budgets are created using a defined budget period, amortized or unamortized spend, and a number of dimensions they can pick from to view and manage the budget unique to your business. 

Feature Highlights

  • Create one or more budgets for finance or one-time projects
  • View the actual spend vs budget
  • View cumulative spend vs budget
  • Define a budget that aligns with your fiscal calendar
  • Choose up to three dimensions to define the granular needs of your budget 
  • Define policies to alert when cloud spend has exceeded the defined budget threshold or actual and forecasted spend.
  • Define users to manage or view the budget

Example of cumulative spend and budget.Example of cumulative spend and budget.

Example of list of budget segments with over budget indictatorExample of list of budget segments with over budget indictator

The Cloud Budgets feature is now available to all Flexera One Cloud Cost Optimization customers.  Learn more