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By Level 7 Flexeran
Level 7 Flexeran

Cloud Cost Optimization uses bill data to provide an accurate view of your costs across accounts and services. To better understand your cloud usage and spend, you can also view your adjustment credits, such as bill corrections, promotional credits, Reserved Instance (RI) exchange credits, and so on. This data is sourced from the Azure Balances API. For more information, see Microsoft’s documentation on Azure Balances API.

This update is only available when using the new Cloud Cost Optimization Azure EA Bill Connect.  

You can view this data in the cloud dashboards (Dashboards > Cloud) and Tabular View (Cloud > Cost Optimization > Tabular View) using the following dimensions:

  • Credit Description—Provides a detailed description of the adjustment.

  • Meter Category—Categorizes the adjustment under AdjustmentCredit.

This feature is currently in early release.  If your organization is interested in using this feature please contact Flexera Support to request access.

For more details please review the user documentation.