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By Level 8 Flexeran
Level 8 Flexeran

Flexera One’s SaaS Management integration with Salesforce now offers you the ability to track and optimize your entire organization’s Salesforce spend, contact consumption, license activity, and user activity within one central dedicated workspace for Salesforce, AppExchange, and Marketing Cloud. This trifecta of Salesforce applications within SaaS Management’s Salesforce Workspace represents another achievement towards Flexera One’s “be the best” vision for Salesforce.

When you navigate to SaaS > Managed SaaS Applications and open one or all or your organization’s Salesforce applications, the resulting Salesforce workspace opens and includes new dedicated AppExchange and Marketing Cloud tabs.

Note • If you have existing SaaS Management integrations with Salesforce and AppExchange, you need to reauthorize the integrations to enable the Salesforce workspace features.

Highlighted Features 

More User Data Included

On the Salesforce All Orgs view that appears if you select all Salesforce applications from the Managed SaaS Applications page, the Orgs tab now displays a meter chart for Data Used/Data Total (GB) and File Used/File Total (GB). Community Logins (30 Days) can be filtered by number.

Managing AppExchange Packages

At the Salesforce All Orgs rolled up view, you can manage the AppExchange package data that displays within the AppExchange tab.

Tracking User, License, and Spend Data

You can track user, license, and spend data on the AppExchange tab. The AppExchange tab displays when at least one individual Salesforce org has enabled the AppExchange integration task when integrating Salesforce with SaaS Management.

Tracking AppExchange Package Data Per User 

AppExchange package data per user can be tracked:

  • Within the Users tab of the Salesforce All Orgs view
  • When drilling down to the individual Salesforce org’s Users tab.

In both Users tabs, the AppExchange column lists the managed AppExchange packages in a single row for each user. Multiple packages are separated by commas. Unmanaged AppExchange packages are not displayed. To update your organization’s list of managed AppExchange packages, see the AppExchange Tab for the Salesforce All Orgs View.  

Tracking Marketing Cloud Contact Consumption 

Within SaaS Management’s Salesforce Workspace, the Salesforce Marketing Cloud tab allows you to view your entire organization’s Salesforce Marketing Cloud contact consumption. The Salesforce Marketing Cloud tab displays after enabling at least one stand-alone integration with Flexera One’s SaaS Management.

NoteThe Salesforce Marketing Cloud tab is not available at the Individual Salesforce Org view. 

Flexera One Help Resources

For complete details, see the following sections of the Flexera One Help:

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